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For over 20 years I have been sewing as my profession and a hobby. The very first thing I made was a little baby doll dress in 1988. Without a pattern I cut the dress out and sewed it all by hand. I remember we were getting ready to PCS to Germany and we were staying with my Auntie Donna. Christmas was just around the corner and my cousin Pam had come home for the holidays. She knew I wanted to make something so she went to the hall closet and found me a few things to use. I was so tickled that she did that and found something in there to use. I have kept that little dress for all these years. My plans are to frame it or maybe a shadow box one day. Thankfully it looks as good as the first day I made it after nearly 23 years.

This is one of my first projects but definitely not the last. Since then I have done many thing from home decor, baby clothing and accessories, and formal wear. My favorite things to sew today are just about anything for babies and little girls and of course pet clothing and supplies. I keep pretty busy with custom orders and alterations so this limits my time on adding new products to my store. When I do get the time I love to take advantage of it and create as much as I can.