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Working out of the home can be a challenge for many. Finding a space to store supplies  for projects can be a nightmare. As a seamstress working out of my home I always have fabric and other supplies on hand.
But where do I put it all until I have a use for it? 

Many years ago we were living in a small two bedroom apartment. The apartment was bigger than our first place but little did I know 1200 sq. feet would disappear very quickly as we began to move in. My sewing room was a small office off the master bedroom. I soon found out this small office was much too small to be a sewing room. But as anyone would do in my position we make do with what we have.  
I have yet after all these years found the right way to store the fabric I have on hand. But as you can see a tall book shelf and some storage bins are a great way to add some sort of organization for the small items. A few of the bins were big enough to store some small projects that were incomplete at the time. Having all the pieces to an outfit in one bin really helps when you are working on a project. 
So far the plastic shelving (I bought the white one at Wal-Mart in the hardware department) has been a good way for me to store my fabric. I have the fabric organized on the shelves by fabric type. If I want to work on a quilt I know to go straight to the cotton shelf to see what cotton fabric I have on hand.
sewing room before cropped sewing room after (1) cropped

When organizing, I always look at what I have at the time. I had these shelves already so I had to think of a low cost way to organize with these. Ideally something with doors would have been a better way to hide the clutter. I settled for these bins at Target as they are durable and easy to arrange in different spaces.

This is how I organized my small work space in 2008. Soon I will share pictures with you of my new larger space. And I will let you in on a few secrets to storing without cluttering.