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As some of you may already know sewing is my life’s dream. But my second passion is decorating especially for the holidays. At Christmas I usually put up eight to ten Christmas trees. One for every room each tree having its own theme. Some of the trees I do the same every year and the other trees change like the weather.

Sometimes I see one thing and my mind starts spinning with endless possibilities.

Whether I see a something online or just as simple nick nack I think of the endless possibilities of that item being an ornament for my tree.
This year my mind went crazy when I found a few soft fuzzy owl ornaments and a straw squirrel decoration at a local store.

The hunt was on after that for anything and everything that could go on my “Woodland Tree”. It did not take long to fill my tree with everything from cattails and berries to porcupines and other woodland critters.

I very rarely look in the Christmas decoration department when I am hunting for ideas. And I always find it best to look in the most off the wall shops if I am looking at their ornaments.

I used the mesh for the first time in a few of my trees this year and what a difference the mesh makes. Adds a much different look than the ribbon I typically use.

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