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Last year I had the privilege to make a custom doctors coat for a Yorkie named Rocky. Everyday Rocky goes to work with his owner who happens to be a doctor. While at work Rocky gets to wear his name badge around his collar but what Rocky really needed was a lab coat like his owner wears.
To surprise Rocky’s owner with a custom made lab coat her friend set out on a hunt for someone to create this one of a kind lab coat for Rocky. Through several failed attempts in getting someone to make a custom made lab coat she finally found my web-site and sent me a photo of what she was looking for.
Dr. Rocky Collage 2
Instantly I knew I could make this lab coat and was able to get started right away. Though challenging, making this custom lab coat for Rocky was a lot of fun. Creating a pattern for custom made items is not always easy or possible. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to make this for Dr. Rocky. Now while at work every day he will certainly fit right in.