Being a flower girl can be a special event for any little girl. But having your flower girl dress custom made can  be just as exciting. Finding the perfect dress for a flower girl or any other members of the bridal party can be a challenge for the bride. Having the ability to get your desired dress custom made is a great option for any bride to be.
The first dress pictured is the customer sample picture from a local retailer. I was able to create the exact dress as well as add wider straps and a little layer to the bodice to edge. In the end the dress was a perfect fit for the flower girl needing no additional alterations.

When ordering dresses even after getting measured you may still need alterations. With a custom made dress you are fitted to your dress as it is constructed. Saving time and money in the end.

It’s always important to remember custom made does not mean your dress will be cheaper or more expensive than other retailers. Depending on the fabric selection and additional details to the dress your finished product can be cheaper, more expensive, or equal to a store purchased dress.