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As much as I love fabric I find it to be the one supply I keep on hand that is the hardest to store. Finding a way to store my fabric so that I can easily look for a particular color or design is a nightmare at times.

Last week I came across a blog at The Cottage Home she had her fabric organized in a way I had never seen before. I looked up the fabric organizers and the prices are a little to high for the amount of fabric I have. So as an alternate I purchased magazine backing boards.

I am not in any way affiliate with either company: retailer nor manufacturer. If you are interested in these boards this is the site I purchased them from TC Bulk. After searching many sites this was the cheapest place for this size of board.

I bought the largest boards I could find and ended up having to cut a little off the longest end so they would stand in my shelf. Since this is a light weight paper board I was able to use my paper cutter to adjust the size of my boards.

You can wrap your fabric any way that you like this is how I did mine. Starting from the far right end of my fabric I left just enough to hold as I started wrapping my fabric around the boards. The sticker in the top right hand corner is my item number and cost label. Keeping everything labeled makes it easier to calculate pricing as I am working on an item.

At the end I did not secure me fabric in anyway. Once I place these on the shelf they are not going to come apart as they are packed in so tight.

Here is my completed and organized shelf. I still have to finish the fabric on the bottom shelf but I do not think I have enough boards. It took me nearly 150 boards to do what is on the two shelves in this photo. I only purchased 200 thinking I could do the entire shelf.

I still want the fabric organizers from The Fabric Organizer and will purchase different sizes little by little but the magazine boards are a good start.

If you get a chance be sure to check out the wonderful blogs over at The Cottage Home and be sure to take a peak at her studio The Cottage Home Studio.


Update: May 28, 2015

I am excited to share with you my new cabinet I got several months ago. So long plastic shelf.