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Recently I was out antique shopping and came across this steel candelabra. 
Though not an antique I just had to have it. 
A few weeks ago I bought a set of old china for another bird feeder project so I knew I would have enough for both feeder projects.

Supplies needed for this project

~bird seed

I used gorilla glue but you can use an glue that you prefer.

First thing I did was wash all the china. Dirt debris and dust may prevent your glue from sticking properly to your china.

As the china dried I sat out the china pieces I intended on using for this project and decided which pieces to use and how to use them.

Glue cups to saucers or small plates. I allowed these to sit and dry for several hours. Once I knew the glue was completely dry I then glued the saucer and cups to the candelabra.

I left my feeder inside for several days after adding my cups and saucers. I wanted to make sure the glue under the saucers was completely dry.


DSC00616 tbd

After a few days inside my feeder is dry and ready to fill with fresh bird seed.
 DSC00618 tbd
If you have the ability to drill small holes in the bottom of your cups and saucers that would be ideal for rainy days. I did not add holes to mine as the china I purchased is very thin and old.