One of my favorite ways to decorate my holiday trees and wreaths is by rolling my mesh into curly-Q’s.


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pipe cleaner or floral wire
    • If using pipe cleaner cut each pipe in half. If using floral wire cut wire pieces approximately 4″ – 5″ long
    • I have used both pipe cleaner and floral wire and I like them both. Cost wise floral wire is cheaper and last longer.
  • 10′ rolls of mesh in your desired color or colors
  • Tree or wreath
    • (The only store in my area that sales the mesh is AC Moore Arts & Crafts. Regular price is $9.99 a roll so I wait for it to go on sale for under $5.00 or I use a 40% off coupon.)
  • Be sure to add lights to your tree before adding curly-Q’s.
Start by unrolling your mesh on a flat surface. Unroll a small amount of mesh at a time as the mesh will want to roll back up. Sometimes I lay something heavy on top of the mesh to keep it from rolling while I cut.
I cut my mesh in to 6″ strips.  This is not something you have to measure out with every cut. Just eye ball it and cut away. Since you are rolling these after cutting precise measurements is not necessary.
After cutting your desired amount of strips you will want to begin rolling each strip from the center (cut side) attach two curly-Q’s together with one piece of pipe cleaner or floral wire.
    Smooth ends- roll evenly          Pointed ends- roll at an angle


Once you have made your desired amount of curly-Q’s, begin sticking them in your tree. You can stick them in your tree or use the wire you wrapped around the two curly-Q’s to attach to the tree branches. If curly-Q’s are stuck into the tree far enough they will not fall out.

Once you have attached or placed all your curly-Q’s to your tree you are ready to decorate.
For the tree pictured I used both pointed and rounded curly-Q’s.
If using your curly-Q’s on a wreath such as a grape vine wreath, you can us the wire to attach curly-Q’s to the wreath just as you would do on your tree.