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Normally I do not put up a tree for Halloween but this year as I was making my wreath and door hanger I started thinking of adding a matching tree to the front porch.

The colors I wanted in my door hanger and wreath/ witches broom were purple and orange. From there the wheels in my head began to spin with ideas for decorating a tree.


  • Tree
  • Lights
  • Mesh Curly-Q’s
  • Decorations
Fist, add lights of your choice to the tree. I prefer purple lights on my Halloween tree but have seen many different types of Halloween lights. I am sure the candy corn lights would look amazing on a tree. Second, attach the mesh curly-Q’s throughout the tree. If you do not know how to roll mesh into curly-Q’s check out my How to Roll Mesh Blog. Finally, the fun part, decorating.


The tree topper is one of my favorite things about any tree. I originally was going to use a witch hat as the topper until I found this owl at Michael’s Craft Store. They add a little color around the owl and mesh I choose a few different colors and style of sprays.

I had no idea what I was going to put on the tree except for the felt witch hats I had added to my door hanger and witches broom. One of the first places I always look for decorations is the Dollar Store. I usually do not find actual tree decorations there but instead I find knickknacks that I turn into tree decorations. I found the cutest shelf sitters: pumpkin, mummy, and skeleton at the Dollar Store. I used my floral wire and wrapped it around their necks to get them to sit on the tree limbs. Another great find at the Dollar Store was the black birds and the fuzzy black owls.









At Michael’s Craft store I found the most amazing witches to hang on my tree. I have to say the witches are my favorite part of my Halloween tree.

Once I finished decorating I realized I needed a tree skirt to complete my tree. So I made a reversible tree skirt that I would be able to use on other holiday trees I do throughout the year.

 Happy Halloween! Be sure to check out my other holiday decorating ideas while your here.