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Last year (2012) I found some wonderful ideas for Halloween decorating on Pinterest. Fortunately, I was able to try one of the ideas I saw. I have since deleted that pin from my Halloween board, but I did notice others have pinned similar ghost although many are dead end links. 

To make my dancing ghost/ floating ghost I used several things I already had laying around the house.


Supplies Needed:

  • White trash bags, one for each ghost
  • Clear plastic painters drop cloth
  • Stakes
  • Newspaper
  • Black sharpie
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Sticks from around yard (for bonfire)
  • Candy corn lights (or whatever you like, I already had these on hand)


  • Cut away the top of your trash bag (side with the draw string)
  • Cut your painters drop cloth into enough pieces for each ghost. I laid mine out without unfolding it all the way, and cut into 5 pieces/ strips, then trimmed as needed.
  • Ball your newspaper up into your desired head size.
  • Take your newspaper head and cover with your plastic painter’s drop cloth.
  • Now place this inside your trash bag bottom corner.
  • Place your stake into the ghost. (I used bamboo type stakes I bought from the dollar store for my vegetable garden and taped two together for my desired height)
  • Tie a string around the base of the head to make neck.
  • Take your black sharpie and draw your faces on your ghost.
  • Now take your ghost to your desired location in your yard.
  • Place ghost in desired position.
  • Cut a 3″ strip on each side of your ghost for their arms.
  • Now tie their arms together to make them looks as if they are dancing.
  • Now you’re ready to build your bonfire from the sticks you collected.
  • Place your candy corn lights throughout the stick pile for a bonfire look.
  • I used a small hook from my garden with a green colored solar light to add to the look of my bonfire.


I cut strips on one of my ghost all the way around as suggested in the tutorial I read but I did not like this look so I did not do it to all the ghost. When the wind blew these ghost were amazing.

After Halloween I placed ghost together in my storage area for this year. They were a little weathered but that was okay. The weathered look gave them a great spooky look. Will do another blog on how I reused these ghost this year.


Here is my daughter’s sick pumpkin. I thought I was going to die when I saw this. My only thoughts were who was going to clean that up after Halloween, and would it attract bugs. Fortunately, there was no bugs and the cleanup was fast and easy.