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With nearly twenty five years of sewing experience I am so thankful to still have the ability to do what I love today. In 1989 I started sewing as a young girl and knew instantly this was the job for me. I can do what I enjoy and yet it never feels like work.  What could be better?


Porcelain Doll

Often times I am asked how did I start sewing. The answer is once I made the first thing I was hooked. The first doll dress I made by hand was cut from scratch and hand sewn. You can see that dress in my blog “Through the Years“.
Growing up my mother made things for us just as her mother did for her children. My great grandmother made porcelain dolls and each doll always had the most fantastic dresses. I will never forget the first doll I received as a young child on Christmas morning. When I was in high school my great grandmother shared her dress pattern with me and I was able to make my own dress for a finished doll. I still have that doll along with the other dolls today. I will always cherish the dolls not only because my great grandmother made them but because the inspiration they have given to me to pursue my passion for sewing.


Porcelain Doll (1)
Porcelain Doll (2)
Today I still enjoy creating one of a kind items just as I enjoyed making this one of a kind dress from my great grandmother’s pattern. You can learn more about me and my accomplishments here