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I first had to decide what did I want on my hat. Most steampunk hat’s I have seen on the internet had goggles on the hat and I wanted to do something different.


  • Gears
  • Old clock (optional, for real gears)
  • Flowers
  • Feathers
  • Clock Keys
  • Clock hands
  • Trim
  • Hat
  • Hot glue gun
  • Other steampunk accessories
  • Vinegar (optional for tarnishing gears)

I looked at several craft stores for gears but not many carried real looking gears. So my next option was to take apart an old clock that was in the closet. After removing all of the gears from the clock, I realized they needed to be slightly tarnished. In order to slightly tarnish the gears, I dipped them in apple cider vinegar a few times and allowed to air dry in between dipping.


I found the perfect mini top hat at Wal-Mart in the costume section. The hat already had a ribbon band and tulle so I just removed it as it would not match my steampunk costume theme. I had just enough trim left over from my steampunk costume to use as a hat band. Using hot glue, I attached the trim to the hat.



After the hot glue was cool I started to decorate. I placed all my accessories on my hat prior to hot gluing them. This would save time and supplies if I didn’t like the completed look of my hat.

Here is my completed steampunk hat. I absolutely love everything about my hat and I cannot wait to make another one.

Total hat cost was $10.33. The only items I had to purchase to make this hat was the hat, brown feather pick, and the clock keys. All other accessories I already had on hand.

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