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I try to be as organized as I can be in my everyday life. This means having a calendar of some sort sitting on my desk, opened at all times so I can see what needs to be paid or what appointments I may have that week. Here is the cute Yorkshire Terrier calendar my Mom bought me this year. I love Yorkies if you didn’t know.


Dog Calendar







Until recently I had never heard of Plum Paper Designs. I am a member of several different Facebook groups, one of which a question regarding planner type and brands. After careful consideration for what would be the perfect planner for her, she decided to purchase a Plum Paper Planner. This sparked me to take a peek at the two main planners spoken of in her post. Like her, I feel in love with the layouts and optional add-ons available through Plum Paper Designs.

After a few hours I too purchased a Plum Paper Planner from Plum Paper Designs. If you are wondering, it does not take hours to build your planner. I just couldn’t decide on the add-ons that I wanted. Another hard choice was the many covers to choose from. I narrowed down my likes to three and took my time on deciding the perfect cover for myself.

After selecting my cover, I had to decide when I wanted my planner to start. As you may have noticed it is June and I am ordering a planner. Ideally when you purchase a planner you want to begin using it right away. One of the best options with Plum Paper Planners is selecting your start month and adding extra months to your planner. I chose to start my planner in July and create an 18 month planner. When creating an 18 month planner I was limited to the number of add-ons or pages that I can have built into my planner but that was okay.

My Planner

Here is what I purchased for my custom made Plum Paper Planner.


My planner is a 12 month regular planner with an extra 6 months added. I was able to select between four different layout options for my pages. I chose option 3, daily lined columns. This should give me plenty of room to keep track of my bills, appointments, and things to do.


My planner is 7.5” x 9” and includes:

  • Personalized cover with name and date
  • Clear plastic cover
  • Monthly laminated tabs
  • Week, month, and year-at-a-glance pages
    2 Notes pages per month
  • Contacts and password page
  • Holiday’s for the year page
  • 2 Sided pocket folder

My optional add-ons include:

  • Home planning section which includes:
    • 5 things to remember pages
    • 2 monthly bill pages
    • 2 cleaning pages
    • 2 monthly goals pages
    • 1 password page
    • 4 shopping list pages
    • 2 gift list pages
    • 1 two page spread sheet for monthly expenses
    • 4 project to do list pages
    • 2 important home contact pages
  • Blog planning section which includes:
    • 12 monthly blog overview pages
    • 1 monthly blog stats page
    • 1 two page spread for an annual blog planner
    • 1 monthly blog task page
    • 2 post ideas pages
    • Blog to do list page
    • 2 giveaway and review contact pages
    • 2 advertising and sponsors contact page
  • Six additional months
  • Extra checklist pages

I also ordered 4 sticker sheets.

Each planner is customized just for you after placing your order. Planners are custom made to order, which can take 3 – 4 weeks.  I ordered June 10 and have since begun ordering accessories such as stickers to assist with my daily planning. After searching Etsy for a few days I found a shop that I loved, Paper Loving Mommy. Nearly all her stickers were just right for my daily planning needs to start with. I placed all of the stickers I wanted in my favorites and slowly began selecting the one’s I would need to begin with when my planner arrives.

Paper Loving Mommy Stickers

There are tons of other shops on Etsy that also have a wonderful selection of stickers and accessories for your planner. I have added lots of items from others shops to my favorites to order in the near future. I am so glad I was able to find just enough stickers to get me started from one shop.


It has now been two weeks since I placed my order for my first ever Plum Paper Planner and I am so eager for the “your item has shipped email”. I really do feel like a small child at Christmas. I have always had some type of calendar/ planner but this is seriously a whole new world.