About Us

I am so excited to share my love for sewing, decorating, organizing, gardening, and cooking with you. I was a “SAHM” throughout my daughters teenage years. Today she is happily married and expecting her first child. I will soon become a grandma for the first time and I am beyond excited. I love to do just about anything craft and sewing related. There’s nothing better than doing what I love every day and the best part it never feels like work.
How it all Started
In 1989 I started sewing as a young girl and knew instantly this was the job for me. I can do what I enjoy and yet it never feels like work. What could be better? I graduated high school in 1995 with vocational honors. Now with over 20 years of experience in making clothing, accessories, home decor and much more, I have decided to expand my love for sewing into my own home based business.

My First Handmade Baby Doll Dress

I am excited to announce I graduated from Ashford University in November 2013 with my Associate’s degree in Business. Within two weeks of graduating, I enrolled once again to obtain my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree with a minor in Marketing. In October 2015 I graduated with honors and have never felt so accomplished. Getting a degree is not important to my business but a person can never have enough knowledge.




My Dreams Come to Life

As a stay at home mom “SAHM” I created Tiffany Brooks Designs in 2003, working out of my home doing custom internet orders from my eBay shop. In time I decided I needed to build my own website and close my eBay shop.


Today I continue to add an assortment of new items to both my Etsy shop and my website. Alterations are on hold at this time due to the high demand for custom made clothing.

My Other Passions in Life

Aside from Tiffany Brooks Designs, I have found a new passion for South Hill Designs and their jewelry. In March 2014, I joined South Hill, as an Artist in Training, by April I was promoted to Independent Artist.I love being an Independent Artist for South Hill Designs for many reasons. As an Independent Artist for South Hill Designs, I have the ability to work from home, meet new people, and the ability to help you create “Your Story” through a vast selection of lockets and charms.

My other passion in life is being organized. As an Independent Artist for South Hill I won my first In A Pikle bag from my team leader. After using my bag for more than a year I purchased more bags and decided I would love to share In A Pikle with others and help them bring organization to their lives. In November 2015 I signed up to be an Independent Representative with In A Pikle and I couldn’t be happier.

The Future is Brighter

Presently both South Hill and In A Pikle are making changes to their current business models. I am proud to say I am sticking around for the changes. Stay tuned for a blog post about these exciting changes.


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