How to Care For Your Tutu

Our tutus are carefully packaged in re-sealable, clear flap-seal bags to prevent product damage during shipping. When receiving your tutu make sure to gently shake, finger-comb, and fluff as needed, after removing from product packaging. Gently comb your fingers through the tulle from the waist down to the bottom hem of the tutu. By gently combing your fingers through the tulle layers, you will remove any twisting or crumpling that may have occurred during packaging.


After each use, it is important to preserve your tutu by following these simple care instructions. I recommend you store your tutu back in its original re-sealable packaging after use. If you prefer to hang your tutu after each use, you can use a skirt hanger or other clipped hanger. When using the hanging method to store your tutu, be certain you do not hang your tutu between garments that have sequins, beading, and/ or other sharp or rigid embellishments. Storing your tutu between other garments with embellishments may snag or tear you tutu when removed. Never store your tutu in an attic, garage, or any other space that is not climate controlled. Over time, excessive heat will damage the elastic waist band and deplete the life of your tutu.

Removing Wrinkles

Depending on your storage method, you may find your tutu has become wrinkled over time. To remove wrinkles you can choose between several options: steam from a hot shower, clothing steamer, dehumidifier, or iron on the lowest setting.  Please remember if your steam setting or iron setting is too high, you can melt the tulle fabric.


Spot clean only!  To spot clean, use soap and water on the specific area only. Rinse and straighten as needed, then hang dry. Never wash or dry your tutu in your washing machine or dryer, as this will destroy your tutu.

Removing Static

To remove static from your tutu you can either wipe your tutu from the waist down with a fabric softener sheet or purchase a static remover spray from your local department store or grocery store.

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