Klockwork Handling, Professional Dog Training, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator


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My daughter and I recently had the pleasure to work with Katelyn Locklear Bishop, dog trainer and an official AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator at Klockwork Handling in Hope Mills, North Carolina and this would turn out to be one of the greatest experiences in our lives. Let me first tell you what brought me to Klockwork Handling.

Alii Cover TBD

This past September, my daughter and her then 7 month old German Shepherd Alli came to stay with us as her husband was headed to Georgia for Airborne school. This would be the first time I would meet Alli since they got her when they were stationed in Texas. I could barely contain my excitement, for the past several months I had received countless pictures and video messages, all mostly containing the antics of Alli.

Alli Chip Bag TBD

As a German Shepherd, Alli is a loyal and protective breed by trait and this had slowly become an issue for my daughter in public places. As Alli got older it was apparent they would not be able to take her out to public places as much as they could when she was a small puppy. The protective trait had become so over powering that my daughter was asked to leave PetSmart only days before they headed back home to North Carolina.

Alli Muzzle TBD

During their stay here we knew it would be best to get Alli spayed with our favorite and most trusted vet Dr. Kim at North Star Veterinary Hospital. As we entered the vet it was very clear it was not going to be as easy as we had hoped. Once Alli’s weight was taken we were sent straight to a room so Alli could calm down as I filled out paperwork. Once the vet tech came in to get her it was clear she was going to have to be muzzled in order to get her to the back for her surgery.

As Dr. Kim passed us in the hall she said “I know a great trainer you can take her to”. Training is something we had already considered and even booked with someone for the weeks my daughter was home. Days before our appointment I canceled as I did not see how much it would help for a stranger to come once a week for four weeks to my home. After all the issues we were having with Alli stretched beyond the home.

That evening I called Klockwork Handling and left a message for Katelyn Bishop and anxiously awaited her call back. It did not take long for my call to be answered and after the first few minutes of my conversation with Katelyn, I knew instantly this was where Alli needed to go. We would drop Alli off at Klockwork Handling in Hope Mills, North Carolina for one week. While Alli was there she would learn basic commands and be conditioned to some public places after being comfortable in low key situations at Klockwork Handling.

Alli Group

It was hard to drop Alli off with someone who was a complete stranger to us but with such high praise from Dr. Kim and her staff it would turn out to be one of the best decisions we could make. It was such a treat for us to follow along with Alli’s training and progress on the Klockwork Handling Facebook page.

Alli (1)

Each day we would see pictures and at times videos and watch in amazement at the astonishing progress Alli was making with Katelyn. Progress my daughter would only dream about but never think could happen. Alli was able to go to the park and watch the people and children around her and a field trip to PetSmart.

Alli with Katelyn at VetOn the day of pick up Katelyn arranged
for me to meet her at the vet office since my daughter had already gone to
Kentucky to be with her husband. This would be the final day of training and one of the scariest places Alli has been. I got to the vet to see Katelyn walking Alli around outside. As they walked I went in to not disrupt her training and observed sit stays and down stays as Alli was conditioned to her surroundings. Before long they came in and I continue to sit in the waiting area to observe the way in which Katelyn handled Alli in public places with new people and sounds.

I sat anxiously and quietly avoiding any eye contact with Alli while I observed in complete disbelief. Of course everyone at the vet knew who Alli was, not by seeing her, my daughter or me but by hearing Alli and her very loud barking and lunging. Not this time!! Alli and Katelyn entered and believe it or not, silence followed by a sit stay. The staff was just as shocked as I was. I even heard a few staff members walk by and say “she is great, she trained my dogs”. I was able to get a brief video of their entrance and love to watch it. You can see them enter and you can see Alli peak over at me. Most likely thinking that is my grandma sitting there.

Alli Down Stay at Vet with Katelyn

After observing for a short time, Katelyn brought Alli over to where I was sitting and I was finally able to give my sweet girl some loving. A week may not seem long to some but to me that was like an eternity. Katelyn sat down with me and went over everything Alli had done for the week. Yes, it was on Facebook but seeing and talking about her training and the methods used are two different things. We eventually went outside where Katelyn continued to share her vast knowledge of training and the continuing training that would need to be done in order for Alli to be a confident girl in her surroundings. I was so thankful for the extra time Katelyn took with me at the vet.

After leaving the vet I am proud I was able to stop by my mothers house to let Alli meet her Boxer Jack. Although we did not get to let her off the leash while we were there, I am happy to see her down stay while mom and I talked.

Meeting Jack

A few days after I picked Alli up from training we drove to meet my daughter in Tennessee. While in Tennessee they were able to go to a friend’s cabin for a spontaneous overnight stay. Though the meeting was scary for Alli, the shock wore off by the next morning and they were able to spend the entire day at the cabin. This would include play time with their children and Husky and playtime in the nearby creek, off the leash. Alli Tennesse TBDIf you are looking for an great trainer with reasonable rates, look no further than Katelyn Locklear Bishop at Klockwork Handling in Hope Mills, North Carolina. We are so pleased with the progress Alli has made during her week at Klockwork Handling, we will be scheduling follow up training sessions in the future with Katelyn whenever my daughter is in town.

Be sure to head on over to Klockwork Handling’s Facebook page and see all of the training photos of Alli in action to include her trip to the park and PetSmart. Then head on over to the Klockwork Handling website and view the extensive list of achievements Katelyn has achieved from the age of 7.

Alli River TBDEveryone is proud when they can teach their dog to sit and stay but in reality sit and stay are basic commands and only the beginning commands to a broad array of commands that can be taught. During Alli’s week at Klockwork Handling she would learn to sit stay, down stay, and EASE. We were never able to take Alli for a walk as she would literally walk us. Not anymore, with the new command ease introduced to her, Alli now lets us walk together, side by side.

This is only the beginning for Alli. In the future my daughter and her husband will need to continue with the training Alli received during her week at Klockwork Handling. Through continuing training and conditioning to public places, Alli will soon be able to go nearly anywhere.

My First Plum Paper Planner is Ordered!!!


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I try to be as organized as I can be in my everyday life. This means having a calendar of some sort sitting on my desk, opened at all times so I can see what needs to be paid or what appointments I may have that week. Here is the cute Yorkshire Terrier calendar my Mom bought me this year. I love Yorkies if you didn’t know.


Dog Calendar







Until recently I had never heard of Plum Paper Designs. I am a member of several different Facebook groups, one of which a question regarding planner type and brands. After careful consideration for what would be the perfect planner for her, she decided to purchase a Plum Paper Planner. This sparked me to take a peek at the two main planners spoken of in her post. Like her, I feel in love with the layouts and optional add-ons available through Plum Paper Designs.

After a few hours I too purchased a Plum Paper Planner from Plum Paper Designs. If you are wondering, it does not take hours to build your planner. I just couldn’t decide on the add-ons that I wanted. Another hard choice was the many covers to choose from. I narrowed down my likes to three and took my time on deciding the perfect cover for myself.

After selecting my cover, I had to decide when I wanted my planner to start. As you may have noticed it is June and I am ordering a planner. Ideally when you purchase a planner you want to begin using it right away. One of the best options with Plum Paper Planners is selecting your start month and adding extra months to your planner. I chose to start my planner in July and create an 18 month planner. When creating an 18 month planner I was limited to the number of add-ons or pages that I can have built into my planner but that was okay.

My Planner

Here is what I purchased for my custom made Plum Paper Planner.


My planner is a 12 month regular planner with an extra 6 months added. I was able to select between four different layout options for my pages. I chose option 3, daily lined columns. This should give me plenty of room to keep track of my bills, appointments, and things to do.


My planner is 7.5” x 9” and includes:

  • Personalized cover with name and date
  • Clear plastic cover
  • Monthly laminated tabs
  • Week, month, and year-at-a-glance pages
    2 Notes pages per month
  • Contacts and password page
  • Holiday’s for the year page
  • 2 Sided pocket folder

My optional add-ons include:

  • Home planning section which includes:
    • 5 things to remember pages
    • 2 monthly bill pages
    • 2 cleaning pages
    • 2 monthly goals pages
    • 1 password page
    • 4 shopping list pages
    • 2 gift list pages
    • 1 two page spread sheet for monthly expenses
    • 4 project to do list pages
    • 2 important home contact pages
  • Blog planning section which includes:
    • 12 monthly blog overview pages
    • 1 monthly blog stats page
    • 1 two page spread for an annual blog planner
    • 1 monthly blog task page
    • 2 post ideas pages
    • Blog to do list page
    • 2 giveaway and review contact pages
    • 2 advertising and sponsors contact page
  • Six additional months
  • Extra checklist pages

I also ordered 4 sticker sheets.

Each planner is customized just for you after placing your order. Planners are custom made to order, which can take 3 – 4 weeks.  I ordered June 10 and have since begun ordering accessories such as stickers to assist with my daily planning. After searching Etsy for a few days I found a shop that I loved, Paper Loving Mommy. Nearly all her stickers were just right for my daily planning needs to start with. I placed all of the stickers I wanted in my favorites and slowly began selecting the one’s I would need to begin with when my planner arrives.

Paper Loving Mommy Stickers

There are tons of other shops on Etsy that also have a wonderful selection of stickers and accessories for your planner. I have added lots of items from others shops to my favorites to order in the near future. I am so glad I was able to find just enough stickers to get me started from one shop.


It has now been two weeks since I placed my order for my first ever Plum Paper Planner and I am so eager for the “your item has shipped email”. I really do feel like a small child at Christmas. I have always had some type of calendar/ planner but this is seriously a whole new world.

Ms. Hildy and Her Custom Couture Dog Dress with Pick Ups


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My most recent custom order was for a very cute Golden Doodle named Hildy. While Hildy’s owner was searching Etsy, she found my listing for an Angel Blue Peachskin Couture Dog Dress with pick ups. She instantly inquired about getting a similar couture dog dress custom made for Hildy.


With the owner’s wedding coming up in June she wanted something very special for Hildy, who would also be attending the wedding. After receiving Hildy’s measurements and the desired color choice I was able to get started.

I love to use peachskin fabric on special occasion dress for pets as the micro fiber fabric is soft, smooth, and moderately wrinkle-resistant. It’s also great for any season and weather due to its light weight and texture.

I was able to find a red peachskin locally along with all of the accents needed for the waist and for the pick ups. I purchased red and off white rose accents for the pick ups and the waist and I was able to find off white pearls to utilize as additional accents around the dress waist.

Within a week I was able to complete Hildy’s custom dog dress for her owner’s very special occasion in June. Hildy Dress (2) TBD

If you would like to place a custom order for yourself, child, or pet feel free to contact us for more information. Terms and Conditions

Laurie and Hildy TBD

Introducing the South Hill Virtual Locket Designer


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I am so excited to introduce the revolutionary new virtual Locket Designer from South Hill Designs. Not sure what you want in your locket? No worries, let the Locket Designer help you design your locket today.

Design my locket now.

Creating your story has never been easier!

South Hill Designs, New Product Reveal


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I am so excited about the new products South Hill has released this month in our January 2015 Reveal. From charms to wraps there is something for everyone. Browse my website now and start creating your story today.

Just Arrived


Click a picture below to view full size.


The South Hill Success Story


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I am truly honored and blessed to have the opportunity to become an Independent Artist for South Hill Designs this year. This year I was fortunate to see the launch of South Hill into the United Kingdom, Quebec, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. I can only dream about where this global journey will take me next.

It is the best feeling in the world to be an Independent Artist for such a caring and successful company.

Flags Global Flyer Graphics (1)

The South Hill Success Story

Canada One Year Anniversary- October 15, 2014

United Kingdom Grand Launch- October 3, 2014

Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Quebec Pre-Launch- August 4, 2014

United Kingdom Pre-Launch- April 3, 2014

US One Year Anniversary- February 25, 2014

Canada Full Launch- October 15, 2013

Canada Pre-Launch- July 15, 2013

US Full Launch- February 25, 2013

South Hill and the Make-A-Wish® Alliance


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I am so proud to work for a company that cares about others.

Have you checked out the current Make-A-Wish® jewelry pieces South Hill has to offer?

Simply purchase any piece of jewelry from the Make-A-Wish® category and proceeds from your purchase go towards making wishes come true! You can learn more about the South Hill and Make-A-Wish® national alliance here.

Make A Wish Flyer Product (2)

Stay tuned, January 6, 2015, there just might be an announcement for NEW Make-A-Wish® items in my “What’s in the Box” social. I can hardly wait to find out what’s in the box again!!!

Wish (1)

Shop the Make-A-Wish® Products now and make a wish come true!

Wish (2)

Follow me on Facebook for for all of the latest new product updates from South Hill Designs.

Four Cheese, Broccoli, and Cauliflower Crock Pot Soup


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Broccoli Soup Cover


  • 1 – 2 crowns of Broccoli
  • 1/4 – 1/2 head of Cauliflower
  • 5 cups water
  • 2 (12oz.) cans evaporated milk
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 6 tbsp All-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup mild cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup Romano cheese
  • Chicken bouillon granules
  • 2 tsp Tastefully Simple Onion Onion seasoning
  • 1 tsp. Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic seasoning
  • Dried parsley for garnish (optional)

Broccoli Soup TiffanyBrooksDesigns


1. Take 1 cup of cold water and add 3 tbsp. of flour. Whisk until there are no lumps and pour into crock pot. Repeat this step with 1 cup of cold water to use your remaining 3 tbsp. of flour. (Be sure your water is cold in order for your flour to mix in lump free.) *If using ready made chicken broth, scroll down for broth directions.

2. Take 1 cup of hot water and add your chicken bouillon granules. If using water, you will need to follow the packet directions to make five cups of broth. For the brand of granules I used I added 5 tsp. to 1 cup of water. Whisk until granules are dissolved and pour into crock pot.

3. Add all remaining ingredients: remaining 2 cups of water, butter, evaporated milk, heavy whipping cream, four cheeses, and seasonings into your crock pot and stir.

4. Take your crown of Broccoli and head of Cauliflower and cut into desired size and add to crock pot. Cover and let cook on high for about three – four hours.

To order you Tastefully Simple seasonings visit Debbie Yoho, my Tastefully Simple Consultant.

Broth Directions:

1. Take 1 cup of broth and add 3 tbsp. of flour. Whisk until there are no lumps and pour into crock pot. Repeat this step with 1 cup of broth to use your remaining 3 tbsp. of flour. (Be sure your broth is room temperature in order for your flour to mix in lump free.)

2. Add all remaining ingredients: remaining 3 cups of broth, butter, evaporated milk, heavy whipping cream, four cheeses, and seasonings into your crock pot and stir.

3. Take your crown of Broccoli and head of Cauliflower and cut into desired size and add to crock pot. Cover and let cook on high for about three – four hours.

Broccoli Soup Finished

We Are on Issuu Now!!!!


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I am so excited to announce I have finally had a chance to add all South HIll Designs, Fall/ Winter 2014 catalogs for each country to Issuu.

If you haven’t heard of Issuu, it is a digital publishing platform available worldwide. You can read more about Issuu here. Best of all, you don’t have to get on the computer to browse my catalog or other publications from other publishers. You can visit your app store on your smartphone and download the Issuu app.

US Catalog Cover


2014 Fall/ Winter Catalogs

Virtual LookBook, South Hill Designs


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Take a virtual tour and explore the many styles of South Hill and the vast assortment of jewelry South Hill has to offer with our new a LookBook feature.

Virtual LookBook

Get a firsthand look at how you can express your unique style and share your story with jewelry. The best part of your virtual tour, you can shop my website while you browse. Start your virtual tour now. LookBook

To view the complete catalog and pricing for your country visit my, Independent Artist page for Memory Locket Creations.

Please note the below links do not allow for shopping as the above LookBook link.

My LookBook on Issuu