Customer Loyalty Card


1. Scan the QR code below or sign up at Tiffany Brooks Designs Loyalty Rewards Program


2. Register your Account


The reward you will earn after earning 8 stamps will be seen at the top off the page when you click the link to register you card. Replace “Enter you name” with your name.

Your recovery email is your email address. This will be the email your Personal Pass Link information will be sent to once you complete registration.

If you want to install the same Loyalty Card/ Pass on another device, or if you accidentally delete or lose it, your Pass can be (re)installed by visiting the link included in your email.

Click Create Pass

If you do not have a Wallet app on your device, your mobile device will give you the option to download one. Your Pass/ Loyalty card will be saved in your Wallet app for future use. You will be able to check your pass at any time from your mobile device to see how many stamps you have earned.

3. Check you Emailloyalty-card-email

Your Personal Pass Link will be emailed to you. If you do not receive an email you will need to start back at step 1 to create your pass.

4. Email Me your QR Code

Simply take a screenshot of your Personal Pass Link email and I will store your QR code in my files. Without your QR code, I cannot stamp your card.

If you do not have the ability to take a screenshot of your QR code, feel free to forward your email to me.

Be sure to include your full name in your email. This is the name your orders need to be place in in order to receive your rewards. This email should be saved for future reference.

4. Start Shopping

Each time you spend $25 in my store, I will scan your QR code I have on file and update your loyalty rewards card.

Terms & Conditions

*Terms and Conditions: Receive one stamp for every $25 you spend, excludes tax and shipping. $25 store credit can only be used on “Ready to Ship” products in my shop. Store credit cannot be used on custom orders or In A Pikle products.