My Studio

Having a special area in your home for sewing and crafting is always a plus for any crafter. Especially if you are a “SAHM” (stay at home mom).

My special area is the bonus room above our double garage complete with its own heat and air system. Yes, that is the contraption on the wall above the dresser you will see in a few pictures. As you can see I have two six foot tables for my work space. This is not the first special space I have had for my work but it is the best and a dream come true. In the beginning I was cutting things out on the floor and setting the sewing machine up on the kitchen table as needed. Not anymore.

My Studio a

My Studio

The left side of my studio I have my main sewing machines set up at all times. Since I use my serger more often than my regular machines I have my thread rack in close reach of my machine. I also have a large rack for small spools at finger tips reach.

Sewing Machine Line a

Sewing Machine Station

Fabric Storage a


In the corner I have a cabinet with glass doors with my main fabrics for quick access. This is about a quarter of the fabric I have. But since there are no closets or other storage space available I have the rest of the fabric stored in totes under the tables. This is why table clothes are important in my studio.

Be sure to check out my fabric organization blog and see the before and after pictures of this space before my honey got me the amazing cabinet above.


I like to decorate my space with my favorite things. Above my machines is my custom made altered tray by Polka Dotted Bliss. My tray represents a lot of my favorite things and my favorite colors. Kimberly did an amazing job on my tray.

To view more of her fantastic items visit her shop at Polka Dotted Bliss.

Embroidery Line a

Embroidery Station

Stabilizer Storage aThe right side of my space is my embroidering area. I love to personalize just about anything that will fit in my hoop. On the table I keep my laptop handy for access to my embroidery designs and embroidery programs.

To the left of my embroidery station I have my stabilizer station. I originally bought this over the toilet shelf to go over my filing cabinet and printer but the space seemed to be too cramped while I worked on the computer. I am really excited about how well this shelf does for all the various types of stabilizer I keep on hand. I prefer to buy the entire bolt when I can and the large under area makes it possible to store the bolts without having them get messed up.


An extra bonus to my bonus room is the additional 8′ x 9′ office space off the side of the bonus room overlooking my driveway and gardens. I absolutely love this area!DSC06804 a


If you remember my previous studio pictures, you may recall the little dinette set I had in my office. Several months ago my daughter moved to Texas with her husband so I let them have my dinette set. I do miss it as it was beautiful sitting there. Over the last few months the space has been empty until I could figure out what to do with it.

My Office a

Now after much thought and moving things from one place to another, I finally have finished organizing the empty space.

DSC06776 aAs you can see I like to be as organized as I can be.

Ready to Ship Items a

Blanks a



I now have most of my ready to ship items stored on the white bookcase, embroidery blanks ready to get personalized in the cubbies, and an awesome shipping center.


My new shipping station makes shipping so much easier. This 10 drawer rolling organizer found in various crafts stores makes a great storage area with easy access for all of my shipping supplies.


Packing Cart Open aPacking Cart a


I have several poly mailers in various sizes and I was able to organize them in drawers from smallest to largest. The top drawer holds my business cards, tape, and rubber stamps. The second draw is full of assorted note cards to include in my orders. The best part about my shipping center is always having my scale out and ready on top of the cart.

Since I use a lot of tulle and ribbon in many of my creations I needed to find a way to store them and easily access them. Thankfully a friend of mine had w these awesome shelves she was selling. These racks are perfect for the small space available against the wall. Still leaves just enough room to walk in and out of the studio.

The smaller half of the bonus room (behind me as I took pictures of my half of the room) is spacious enough for my honey’s workout space. Having his workout equipment upstairs is not bad. Before I had set everything up here I had several shelves lining the wall with fabric.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my studio as much as I enjoy working in it.

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