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My most recent custom order was for a very cute Golden Doodle named Hildy. While Hildy’s owner was searching Etsy, she found my listing for an Angel Blue Peachskin Couture Dog Dress with pick ups. She instantly inquired about getting a similar couture dog dress custom made for Hildy.


With the owner’s wedding coming up in June she wanted something very special for Hildy, who would also be attending the wedding. After receiving Hildy’s measurements and the desired color choice I was able to get started.

I love to use peachskin fabric on special occasion dress for pets as the micro fiber fabric is soft, smooth, and moderately wrinkle-resistant. It’s also great for any season and weather due to its light weight and texture.

I was able to find a red peachskin locally along with all of the accents needed for the waist and for the pick ups. I purchased red and off white rose accents for the pick ups and the waist and I was able to find off white pearls to utilize as additional accents around the dress waist.

Within a week I was able to complete Hildy’s custom dog dress for her owner’s very special occasion in June. Hildy Dress (2) TBD

If you would like to place a custom order for yourself, child, or pet feel free to contact us for more information. Terms and Conditions

Laurie and Hildy TBD